Upholstery track for walls

CES is an upholstery track and such a handy product utilize in wall upholstery installation.
It fits so well in residential homes. Best is to see pictures of interiors upholstered in various rooms. Look at some residential fabric track images.

Clean Edge System™ becomes more and more popular track among the industry. But why? There are several reasons for this popularity. What installers really like is that it has the solution for all challenges in a room.

First, our upholstery track work around arched frames like doors and openings. Also, framing are not straight like below window ledge and by pillars. Second, it is a slim product taking only ¼ inch space.
Third, CES track is easy to cut and to install. But hold the fabric so strongly. You have to try it!

Product bonus: Clean Edge System™ remains in place while the fabric is removed. This means if a panel or a wall is damage and fabric needs replacing. Then, Go head, pull the fabric and change it. We think it is great upholstery track system!