Upholstery switch plate

Upholstery switch plate is a simple product making a wall upholstery installation look so professional.

You may wonder how to address the issue when upholstering a wall which has electrical outlets.
It is always best for all plate covers to be flash to the walls. Light features such as sconces needs also to have their own plate resting the same way too. So both features will be at the same level, just sitting on the top of the fabric. The result is an even surface across the entire fabric wall. If you wish to learn more, why don’t you watch this video, fabric around outlets

compensation sconce plate
Wall light attached to a compensation sconce plate

We suggest for wall sconces, the use of a sconce plate then for electrical outlet get a compensation switch plate.

Many customers take them on a job to save installation time. There is no preparation involved like cutting pieces and so on. Plates are places over the hole or outlet and fitted with 8 brad nails. One in each corner and one in the middle of the plate.

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