Upholstery slats

Upholstery slats is a product use in wall upholstery. Instead of taking wood, just use our slat named Contour Wall System.
This strip is easy for installing fabric on walls. First fit the length of upholstery slat by the framings around the room. Then, simply staple any fabric onto the slat. Trim the fabric and hide staples with decorative edging such as brass nails or fabric welt.

So, if you have a project which includes stretched fabric and fancy trims. Then, you do have the right product for the job.

Contour Wall System offers more advantages than wood slats. Read about the benefits on this page. One of them is in fact the use of brass nails. Ask us for a sample and try it on your next job.

Now, you may want to see other products like our famous Clean Edge System™ track. A track making clean edge wall upholstery. This item is a free edging fabric installation.