Track Cutter upholstery tool

Track cutter upholstery tool is definitively powerful. It is a very efficient product as it cuts all kinds of tracks in wall upholstery. Not only our brand, the Clean Edge System™ track, or Angle brackets and Contour wall system, but also other thicker.

So, track cutter upholstery tool has 3 good features. A very sharp blade cutting all kinds of wall upholstery tracks. The mechanism makes it easy in your hand requiring little pressure. Lastly track cutter has a big platform full of inscription. The engraved markings gives angle degree guiding through the cutting process.

Check it out online at Visit this page to see it in details and you can watch a video too or go to YouTube.

To conclude, we do like this product very much as it cuts with precision our CES tracks. This upholstery tool is our best seller. Don’t forget to get one for your next wall upholstery job. If you treat it well, it might be a lifetime upholstery tool.