Handy sconce plate for outlets

What is a sconce plate upholstery supply? A simple plate placed behind the fabric. The future wall sconce backplate will fit onto it. The advantage is that your wall upholstery will look really good. The sconce will be at the same level as the fabric.

So, stop spending time messing around with strips of wood. A product like this one will make your wall upholstery going so much faster.And get your wall upholstery supplies at CleanEdgeSystem.com. This website has all you need from tracks to tools and accessories too.

In short, a compensation sconce plate is placed in the front of the wall outlet. Fix the plate with a few brad nails just before the padding goes on the wall. Finish the fabric installation. Bring electrical wires out and connect to the light fixture. Then, screw the light backplate to the compensation plate.

Fabric around outlets

In addition, customers can find a similar product that works by electrical switches. The item comes in two sizes, single and double wall outlets. For large switches, please refer to the websites’ page compensation switch plate. Everything is explain in details as how to install and purchase.

Compensation switch plate -Single
sconce compensation plate
Compensation Switch Plate

Compensation Switch Plate | Sconce Plate

Outlets need to be raised at the same level as the fabric. To avoid plate covers from sinking into the wall, we highly recommend getting a compensation switch plate or sconce plate.
These are specially created and designed by Clean Edge System to make quality installation.
Furthermore, a compensation switch plate saves precious installation time. 

For your convenience, we have two different sizes; single and double plate.
For multiple switches, use the double plate, cut in half vertically, add a piece of compensation stick in between to make an extend plate. ⇐ Look at the thumbnails pictures.
How to install? Watch the video on Youtube or just below.

Single plate: $3.50 each
Double plate: $5.00 each
Sconce plate: $5.00 each

For further description, read about compensation switch plate below. 

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