Plastic spatula upholstery tool

Plastic spatula upholstery tool is a finishing hand tool. Let’s recap!

You have reach the stage where the fabric stretch correctly on the wall. Your material is secure in the track and, the excess is trim down around the wall or panel.
Now, the molding is exposed. In some cases, moldings have delicate paint or other type of softer finishes.  A metal tool could leave some markings, so, the purpose of a plastic spatula is not to damage these surfaces.

Please don’t use it to fit the fabric at the beginning because it is not strong enough. The plastic will brake.

There is another place where a plastic spatula could become handy. For example against a mat ceiling. Or if you don’t have any molding but the track is close to a built-in cabinet.

A clean fabric finish

Not long ago, we installed fabric on a single wall. The wall had a few niches sticky out like a box. So, the pieces of tracks went around and against the box. The surface was paint white.  I made a video about the tucking of the fabric.

To sump up, when we are working with these types of surroundings, we have a gentile plastic spatula like the one describe above.

Therefore, it is only used at the end of an installation, when it is nearly done. So after a metal spatula has secured the fabric in the track.

Further description is available on the product page, plastic spatula.

wall upholstery tool kit
tacker tool for fabric wall installation
Wall upholstery tool kit

Wall upholstery tool kit | Strong American Built | $245.00

Our catalog of products has a wall upholstery tool kit of heavy-duty items. The deluxe series includes 2 fabric tuckers, one rocky, one speed roller, one bay leaf including a plastic spatula.

These 6 essential upholstery tools will do a job at installing the fabric in the track from start to finish.

  • Tucker tucks the fabric in place on a wall or into a panel.
  • The Angle Tucker reaches in less accessible places.
  • Rocky is designed for inserting the fabric after it is tacked in the beginning. Rock it back and forth for pushing the fabric in the track.
  • Speed roller provides quick and steady insertion of the fabric. A short video is available soon.
  • Bay Leaf helps you access tight areas.
  • A Plastic spatula works very well against delicate molding. Use it at the last stage.

More information below.

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plastic spatula wall upholstery
Plastic Spatula

Plastic spatula for delicate frames | $15.00

Specially design for inserting the fabric at the Clean edge system™ track. The spatula has a quarter circle form. Hold it in your hand, move the wrist back and forth to make a rocking motion.
A handy tool to use along ceiling or delicate molding. Made from white plastic only. It does not leaves any markings on frames.

How to use this product, read description below.

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