Ergonomic upholstery tool spatula

What is an ergonomic upholstery tool spatula? That’s simple;

After installing CES tracks, use an Ergo spatula to fit the fabric into the track system. This tool possesses an ergonomic wooden handle to fit perfectly in your hand. Less hand fatigue and more power for tucking the fabric into the Clean Edge System™ track.

The handle made from wood has the correct shape for fitting inside the palm of your hand. It is a comfortable tool to hold in working from ceiling to floor or vice versa. This spatula is easely operated by right or left handed installer.

The round blade is of stainless steel like all our metal spatula. The tool provides fast and efficient insertion of fabric in the perimeter of the room. Also, you will enjoy using it with both Clean Edge System™ or the Big Boy track.

Ergo spatula is a major tool needed for fitting the fabric in the groove of tracks.
It is the improved version of the metal spatula present in our small collection of hand tools.

Why the ergonomic upholstery tool spatula?

After cutting and installing thousands of feet of CES tracks, fitting fabrics, Eric Thoman, the owner has tested many different equipments. He knows how important it is to be efficient and have a comfortable tool in his hand. As a result, he has designed this compact easy to grab tool. Ergo spatula gives him more power during the installation of fabric. Helping to get the job done faster, better, but mostly having more fun at work. Why? Because, Eric has the correct hand tool. It is true to say, a good tool makes a world of difference during a day’s work. Don’t you think so!

Furthermore, we have other types of spatula for tucking the fabric into the track. Try using our plastic spatula for delicate molding in a room or by the ceilings.

If you wish to view a few videos on wall upholstery, visit our YouTube videos channel. While you are here, tell us what you think or leave a comment on this new product. Get an ergonomic upholstery tool spatula today.