Compensation stick upholstery supply

Compensation stick upholstery supply is a product used in outer corners creating a perfect angle. The fabric is stretched over it making a clean and straight angle from top to bottom. It is place vertically along edges.

Compensation stick is like a Clean Edge System which is the main track. There are both ¼ inch in thickness so that wall upholstery remains at the same level on the entire surface. In fact, the stripes make a superior finish in a fabric room. All edges have a really good finish.

So, Clean Edge System is a simple track making clean edge wall upholstery. Actually, interior Designers really like this product because it works very well in modern homes.

As you visit the website you will note the following; Compensation stick is also working in traditional wall upholstery. If you want to learn more, please follow the link CWS. You will read on how to install it around a room.