Compensation stick upholstery supply

Compensation stick upholstery supply is a product use in outer corners creating a perfect angle. The fabric stretches over it making a clean and straight angle from top to bottom. It is place vertically or horizontally along edges.

It is a simple track that installers keep a small stock off. In some occasion, a room has a wall going outwards. It creates on outside edge. Some other time, it could be a soffit on the ceiling. This is the place to add a stick.

Both Clean Edge System track and Compensation Stick are ¼ inch in thickness so that wall upholstery remains at the same level on the entire surface. In fact, the stripes make a superior finish in a fabric room. All edges have a really good finish. These two tracks together are a quick solution for making clean edge wall upholstery.

Consequently Interior Designers really like this type of installation because it works very well in modern homes.

Further information on the stick

As you browse through the website, you notice the following. Compensation stick looks like another track. We call it Contour Wall system. Yes, they are the very same product. CWS is sold in larger quantity.

The reason for this is for installing traditional wall upholstery. Therefore, the amount will be definitively superior. The fabric is staple onto the track and a decorative trim is added on top.
If you wish to learn more, please follow the link above. You will read on how to install it around a room.

In addition keep your small pieces, you will find them handy if you need to extend outlet plates!

compensation stick-wall upholstery
Compensation Stick

1 box of 13 sticks x 94″ long

Compensation stick is used in all type of wall upholstery installation

Use this product all around the room for conventional wall upholstery by replacing the stripes of wood with a compensation stick. The great bonus is that compare to wooden stripes, our stick will not split, even with finish nails. The proof is in the thumbnail photos.

In clean edge wall upholstery, we use it mostly in outside corners. Place it 1/4″ away from the edge. It will keep the wall evenly stretched from top to bottom and side to side.
Compensation stick is a discreet white stick also installed by electrical outlets. Learn more here.
It is very easy to cut it with the sharp track cutter tool.
Each length is 94” long. There are 13 lengths per box.
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Our tracks are not sold online, CALL TO PLACE YOUR ORDER 

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