Upholstery Tracks: 1 main product
CES is the name of the main upholstery tracks. Clean Edge System product fits everywhere in a residential homes.
First of all, CES is a slim product taking barely any space at all in a room.

The most important feature is the flexibility. It literally fits everywhere like around windows, arched doors and fancy molding below window seals.
Each length is 98″ long therefore an ideal size for the installation. The lightweight product is made in a white color. For this reason, it is not noticeable through light fabric such as pale yellow for example. Angle bracket is an associated product working with the track. Please read carefully in the page as how to use it.
Other wall upholstery tracks
You will see other items in addition to the main track like a Compensation stick and Contour Wall System. Click on the track section and learn more about them. Then, You will need special hand tools. All items are provided here. Browse in the spatula section and track cutter too.