Grex staplers
There are many brands of staplers to choice from wether its online or in store. We have tried quite a few. This manufacturer has a nice collection of various type of stapler, long nose and brad nailer that work very well for us. Among the vast range, we have selected only 1 item.
Long Nose Stapler
Extended long nose stapler is really handy to have on a job. We recommend keeping one in your toolbox. An excellent choice for working in tight and narrow area, behind doors, around intricate molding and so on. Also, you are able to reach deeper and close to moldings.

long nose stapler
Long Nose Stapler – 21 Gauge

½” Crown – Long Nose Stapler | $179.00

For project requiring longer reach, use a long nose stapler. This tool gives easy access to difficult areas. Stapling closer to the ceiling, moldings, beams or by the edge of difficult windows. VETHOMAN has several long nose in his workshop. You can’t miss it, it’s an apple green color. We enjoy working all day long with this compact stapler.

Why should you get this stapler like this one? Read the description…

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