Spatulas: 3 different items

The first two metal spatulas are similar in shape with a large round blade. The difference between them is one has an ergonomic handle; the other has a straight handle. Ergo spatula was created to give more comfort in the hand. Consequently, an installer has more power during a fabric application on the wall.
These 2 products are the main hand tool to work with the fabric and the track.

Then, Plastic spatula has the same shape as the one above. But it is not use at the beginning of the installation. Once, the fabric is in the correct place and trimmed down all around the edges. Only then, you need to finish tucking the fabric in the track. The plastic protects the frames from any damages.

The last upholstery tool is the Bay leaf spatula. It works well in case of narrow spaces.

Our latest finishing tool is a Speed roller. The roller works fast in straight lines. We do use it like the plastic spatula at the end.