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Once tracks are install in the perimeter of the room, the next step is fitting a layer of padding on the wall. Then the fabric is stretch using a variety of spatulas. We offer several spatulas for the insertion of the fabric. These specialized hand tools fulfill specific tasks.

For example, two basic metal spatulas have the same blade. The difference between them is one has an ergonomic handle; the other has a straight handle. Ergo spatula was created to give more comfort in the hand. Consequently, an installer has more power during a fabric application on the wall.
These 2 products are essential for working with the fabric and the track. Choose the one you prefer!

Next upholstery tool is the Bay leaf spatula. The narrow blade has a shape of a leaf and works well in case of small spaces.

Another tool in the list, Plastic spatula has similar shape as the metal. But it is not use at the beginning of the installation.
After the fabric is in the correct place and trimmed down all around the edges. Only then, you need to finish tucking the fabric in the track. The plastic protects the frames from any damages.

Our latest finishing tool is a Speed roller.The roller is an efficient tool working fast in a straight line.

We also have a wall upholstery tool kit. The package will have 5 new products. If you are interested in the kit it has a large rocker, a straight head spatula, a bend head, the bay leaf, a Speed Roller and the plastic.

Further information about each product is available on the item page.

wall upholstery tool kit
tacker tool for fabric wall installation
Wall upholstery tool kit

Wall upholstery tool kit | Strong American Built | $245.00

Our catalog of products has a wall upholstery tool kit of heavy-duty items. The deluxe series includes 2 spatulas, one rocky, one speed roller, one bay leaf including a plastic spatula.

These 5 essential upholstery tools will do a job at installing the fabric in the track from start to finish.

  • Tacker tacks the fabric in place on a wall or into a panel.
  • The Angle Tacker reaches in less accessible places.
  • Rocky is designed for inserting the fabric after it is tacked in the beginning. Rock it back and forth for pushing the fabric in the track.
  • Speed roller provides quick and steady insertion of the fabric. A short video is available soon.
  • Bay Leaf helps you access tight areas.
  • A Plastic spatula works very well against delicate molding. Use it at the last stage.

More information below.

Call 512-539-9743 to order 

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speed roller a wall upholstery tool
upholstery supplies-speed roller
Speed roller

Speed roller for the finishing line | $68.00

For fast fabric tucking, we have a speed roller. The upholstery tool rolls in the clean edge track system inserting the fabric quickly.

It works with our tracks or other brands.

The roller is used at the final stage for a clean edge finish on straight lines. After the fabric is correctly placed on the wall and trimmed to the minimum.

Designed and built in USA by Clean Edge System. Solid wood handle has a large opening to fit big hands. View the fabric tucking tool video.

Must read instructions on this product below.

To order a speed roller call 512-539-9743

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Bay leaf spatula
Bay Leaf Spatula

Bay leaf spatula | Narrow blade | $25.00

It is a must have on a wall upholstery job along with the metal spatula or Ergo spatula.
A useful small tool to finish inserting or pushing the fabric in tight and narrow space. Excellent quality and well made upholstery tool when working with Clean edge tracks ( C.E.S. or B.B. tracks).

To order a bay leal spatula, call 512-539-9743

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Fabric Metal spatula
ergonomic fabric spatula
Fabric metal spatula

Fabric Metal spatula, the best

The perfect and necessary tool for inserting a fabric into the CES or Clean Edge System™. Use this spatula with a rocking motion. It is the best spatula ever created for clean edge wall upholstery. Available with a straight or ergonomic handle.
Further instruction on how to use it below.

Straight handle $25.00 | Ergonomic handle $35.00

Contact us at 512-539-9743 for your order of spatula and other supplies

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plastic spatula wall upholstery
Plastic Spatula

Plastic spatula for delicate frames | $15.00

Specially design for inserting the fabric at the Clean edge system™ track. The spatula has a quarter circle form. Hold it in your hand, move the wrist back and forth to make a rocking motion.
A handy tool to use along ceiling or delicate molding. Made from white plastic only. It does not leaves any markings on frames.

How to use this product, read description below.

Call us at 512-539-9743 to order.


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