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This upholstery tool video is made to show how wonderful and powerful is the red track cutter. Definitively, it is our favorite cutter when it comes to cut length after length of tracks.
As mention in several places on this website, we do know how vital it is having quality tools. An equally important that they perform well during a day’s work. Track cutter is THE TOOL to keep in your toolbox.
Before looking at the upholstery tool video, note that there are different kinds of cutter. But they do not all have the same features.

More on the upholstery tool

On a regular wall upholstery job, you will use up to 100 yards of tracks, sometimes more. You will cut piece after piece the whole day. So, you need a sharp upholstery tool cutting with precision. Track cutter does it all, making straight and angle cuts. Most importantly this tool cuts like butter. Track cutter slices through Clean Edge System tracks and angle brackets, both at the same time included Contour Wall System.
Like all products at, you are able to find additional information. We provide you a link for further descriptions on this product features.

Surely, it is one of a kind professional grade tool. A small piece of advise from the owner of this company.  <<Be aware of imitations, it is not worth the waste of money. I have tried them all! Instead buy quality product which last a long time. Besides, even a small woman has enough strength to cut the tracks>>  Best is to get one per person.

If you have bought one and are satisfied with the cutter. Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. We love to hear from our new or existing customer.

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  1. Zvunka
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    This cutter is just amazing. It looks so easy to cut through your upholstery tracks. I think I will have no problems using it. Inscription on the platform seams very useful.

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