Wall upholstery slats

Try our wall upholstery slats instead a wood for installing fabric on walls with decorative fabric trims.
Contour wall system compare to a clean edge system™is a totally different track. The first one makes fabric walls using additional decorative trimming such as double welt or nails, while the second does not need it.

Contour wall system is created as a replacement to wooden slat. And upholsterers do like it for several reasons.

This track is already cut into long strips. So it is easy to handle while installing in a home. Note, this product is a white color slat that does not splits like wood.

[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignright" width="235"] Decorative nail on Contour Wall System[/caption]

Professionals appreciated this great bonus. Look at the upholstery nails on the picture, brass nails are very close to the edges. The plastic strip is just fine. Even bigger nails works on it too.

In conclusion, if your client wishes to have a wall upholstery with braid, contour wall system is a good track to try.  Ask for a sample this upholstery track today.