Upholstery basic tools

It only requires a few upholstery basic tools for installing fabric on walls. You may already have some power tools like, narrow crown stapler or long nose stapler. But you may have some missing especially spatulas.

The basic hand tools includes 3 spatulas for working at different stage or circumstance. They are namely metal spatula, plastic spatula and bay leaf spatula.

While preparing tracks, you will need a good blade for cutting them. We have tried many cutters and finally found the perfect one for the job. Track cutter tool is so performant and possess the right feature. Without a doubt, you will love it.

Getting these products is a good investment for future jobs. They are made from solid wood and strong metal. We do use them regularly, so we know that we can rely on those tools.

That is it. You have the upholstery basic tools for clean edge wall upholstery.